Escape the Attack

LESSON 12.02.01
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Lesson Overview
This lesson plan teaches students about the importance of personal information security and provides them with knowledge of hackers, antivirus software, device security measures, and strategies to safeguard their devices and information in the digital world.
  • Suitable for age 12
  • 60 minutes + project work
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What's in this lesson?

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:
  • Identify the motivations of black hat hackers and describe why cyberattacks are dangerous for an individual.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of antivirus software and patching in protecting personal devices from cyber threats.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to identify potential cyber threats to their device security (such as downloading potential malware).

Key Concepts

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Lesson Structure

Introduction (5 min)
 Define the Keywords (15 min)
 Investigate the Scenario (30 min)
 Project Work (duration as needed)
 Key Takeaways (10 min)

Included in this Lesson

  • Presentation slides available in Powerpoint (.pptx) or in the Online Player 
  • Lesson plan for teachers
  • Printable handouts for students
  • Assessment rubric for project based learning
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